Code of ethics

Ethical principles
The editors of The Chopin Review bear responsibility for all material published in the periodical.

The editors are obliged to continually improve the periodical, including in the following areas:
a) they should make every effort to meet the demands of readers and authors,
b) they should take care to ensure that the decision to accept or turn down a text for publication not be influenced by any conflicts of interest and that the chosen reviewers remain impartial in their assessment of submitted articles.
c) they should take care to ensure that the review process be conducted in accordance with the published review process principles, which in turn satisfy COPE guidelines,
d) they should take care to ensure that the published content be of a suitable standard,
e) they should take care to ensure freedom of expression,
f) they should be ready to make any corrections, explanations or apologies whenever the need arises.

The editors’ decision to accept or turn down an article for publication can only be dictated by the significance, originality and clarity of the text, and its connection with the subject matter covered by the periodical. The editors are also obliged to react, in accordance with COPE principles, to any manifestations of negligence on the part of authors, reviewers or other specialists engaged to work on the periodical.

The authors of texts published in The Chopin Review:
a) guarantee that a work submitted for publication is original, does not violate copyright, has not been previously published, and has not been submitted to another periodical for publication.
b) should indicate sources of funding and the contribution of other institutions and entities to the preparation of the text.
c) should participate in editorial work on submitted texts, cooperating with the periodical’s editors and with other specialists involved in the work’s publication.
d) should be guided by scholarly integrity and ethical principles throughout the whole publishing process.

a) should declare to the editors any conflicts of interests relating to the assessment of a submitted text
b) should observe the principle of confidentiality throughout the whole review process
c) should base their reviews on the points and aspects set out by the editors and end with a clearly positive or negative opinion regarding the publication of a submitted text
d) should avoid subjective and personal remarks
e) should draw the editors’ attention to any lack of scholarly integrity or to the violation of ethical principles in the text being reviewed
f) have no right to use reviewed texts for their own purposes.

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